B.P.S. Kindergarten

Pre school for kids

Capable of seating 200 kids, the fancy classroom is used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles learning kids.

Kindergarten Wing Inaguration 2013

Kindergarten wing literally means children's garden. Traditionally it is the introductory class to school and could be half day or full day classes. pre-schools are taking over that role making kindergartens the introduction to 5 day a week schooling (with the half day programs pretty much eliminated). The age for kindergarteners is between 4 1/2 and 7 with most students entering at age 5. Also due to the large variation with pre-school programs students are a mix of introductory level and some schooling.

Kindergarten wing Capable of seating 200 kids opened in 2013

The point of B.P.S. kindergarten is to see your social skills, and to teach you the basics (1,2,3s, abc's that crap) and if you get held back in kindergarten yes its possible i know someone who has anyways if you get held back its because 1. you can't do basic math 2. you don't know your abc's 3. you can't count to 100 and last and most idiotic 4. YOU CAN'T TIE YOUR SHOES. wait i missed one 5. bad cooperation. And that is the point of kindergarten and how to fail it.


Baluni Public school ,
Teh. :Najibabad,Distt : Bijnor (U.P.)
(Near B.E.L Road Kotdwar)
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