Transport Students can avail the Transport facility by putting up an application for the same. Bus charges have to be paid quarterly along with the school fee at the office counter along with the Tuition Fee. Bus charges can be revised whenever necessary and Transport facility The school has made available for the can be withdrawn in case of any emergency.students a safe, secure and comfortable bus services.


Baluni Public School does own and operate parking facilities on campus in for Visitors and Parents.

following incharge for necessary details for parents

- All student using the school bus are expected to be on the right side of the bus stop at least five minutes before arrival time of the bus.
- The buses will not for the late comers.
- The children should stays awau from the main road until the bus arrives.
- when the bus in motion, the students must not move around in the buses caused by the negligence or vandalism.
- No student will board the bus without the identity card.
- List of students with bus stops, etc, willbe available in each bus.

Baluni Public school ,
Teh. :Najibabad,Distt : Bijnor (U.P.)
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